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Classic Fuzz Tones for low prices!! Used as demo pedals, not even scratched or blemished.

Top Left: You Dirty Rat Distortion (SOLD OUT)
The ProCo Rat Distortion is probably the most famous US made dirt pedal! Boost, Crunch, Distortion or Fuzz, that box rocks. Germanium diodes clipping and bass friendly. Built on GGG board, black matte enclosure, top I/O.

Top Right: Op-Amp Big Muff (SOLD OUT)
This Muff version is more known as the 'Siamese Dream' sound. Sustaining Distortion/Fuzz that fits all your grunge/whatever rock needs. Stock version, built on guitarpcb board, black matte enclosure, top I/O.

Bottom: Woolly Fuzz (SOLD OUT!)
The Woolly Fuzz is a unique and heavy fuzz device that will bring your guitar and bass to another level! The original pedal has a list price that blows off the bank, there is no good reason to not try it off. Rich sub-harmonic fuzz tone and gated/synthy sounds is waiting for you, Go!! Built on guitarpcb board, bare enclosure.

Sold Out