My name's Chuck and I'm building effect pedals for guitars and basses since 2013. Spoonsound FX lives since late 2015. Building pedals is an hobby, a personal approach to stay active and helpful in my local music scene. This is why I'm focusing on selling in Quebec (ma langue principale est le français bien sur) and Canada. Only my latest pedal, the Red Ram, is shipping in the US and Canada.

Each pedal is carefully handmade in my kitchen with reliable parts, hardware and proper tools. I build limited run of 1 or 2 pedals of each model (one-off). Pcb's are designed by Guitarpcb, Fuzzdog and I recently team up with Effectslayouts for the new Red Ram pcb. These guys doing a lot for the DIY community so I sell my stuff at fair low prices just to keep building pedals and most of all, keep on rockin'!